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Recruitment Career


In recent years, a recruitment career has become a very attractive option for recent graduates and those looking for a change in their own career. If you're someone who has been through the academic trajectory or have business experience, you have a good chance of succeeding in the world of recruitment. There are many exciting opportunities for those that have great social skills and a nous for sales. Those are things you cannot gain through experience, and if you are someone who fits the bill, you should consider a career in recruitment.

The benefits:

A career in recruitment can be rewarding in many ways. Not only are you helping people by getting a candidate a position that could change their life for the better, which is a very attractive prospect for many people in recruitment and potential recruitment consultants as well. Meeting many people is one of the big pro's of working in recruitment. You'll be liaising with various people in high places, and you'll have to travel occasionally.

The financial package is also very attractive. According to the Telegraph, in 2017, a Trainee Recruitment Consultant was in the top 10 highest paid starter jobs. And that is just base salary. A lot of the money to be earned is through bonuses and other earnings.

There are lots of options in regards to career progression. You can move into a specialised field of recruitment where you can use past commercial experiences, or the industry from your degree, or you can try and move upwards and become a senior Recruitment Consultant or even a partner. There are many options for young graduates or seasoned professionals who wish to have a recruitment career.

Why Amanda Wright:

At Amanda Wright, we're always looking for people who are looking for a recruitment career. As experts in recruitment-to-recruitment, we have the right amount of experience and know-how to be successful in recruitment. If you are interested in a job in recruitment, submit your CV here.

Recruitment Career FAQ

Is Recruitment a Sales Based Role?

Most people would consider recruitment to be a sales role in that case.

What Makes Recruitment Such a Popular Job Choice?

Many young people find the quick career progression a very attractive propostition. A Recruitment Career also offers the highest entry level wages on average in comparison to other entry level jobs for people in other fields.

What is the Working Environment Like in Recruitment?

Recruiters are often very open and social people. Building relationships with people is a very important quality to have, and under recruiters themselves this could lead to a great workplace atmosphere. There is also a degree of competitiveness - but competition is often healthy and helps recruiters motivate each other. All in all, a recruitment career often leads to lasting relations and friendships due to a great working environment.

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