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What Does A Recruitment Consultant Do & How to Be A Good One?

Are you wondering what a recruitment consultant does? Do you question whether you have the skills to be successful? Find out here!

Recruitment is a fast-paced industry focusing on bringing suitable clients and candidates together. A recruitment consultant’s role is to facilitate this through a variety of daily responsibilities. From business development and maintaining long-term relationships, to attracting candidates and placing job seekers into ideal positions, there’s a lot of behind the scenes work as a recruitment consultant.

The role of a recruitment consultant is becoming highly popular, providing individuals with a rewarding career route. Similarly, recruitment agencies are taking off, offering effective recruitment solutions for a wide variety of companies. They take away significant recruitment stresses from companies, helping to improve their candidate attraction and management strategies.

For most recruitment consultants, it is common to specialise in a specific area or industry. This allows them to build their own desk while homing in on their recruitment skills and specified area. This factor will influence what a recruitment consultant does daily, while shaping their goals and future career. However, basic daily responsibilities will need to be maintained for success in recruitment. 

Key Responsibilities Of A Recruitment Consultant

As mentioned above, basic responsibilities will take place in a recruitment consultants schedule. Below is a break-down of what you can expect to complete as a recruiter in today’s market:

• Business development and networking: Here is where recruiters will source and work on gaining new business opportunities through networking.

• Sourcing candidates: A recruitment consultant’s key role is to source suitable candidates to fill current open positions. This can be completed in a variety of ways depending on a recruitment agencies approach. Common strategies include cold calling, social media content and email marketing.

• Attracting candidates: Alongside sourcing candidates, an effective responsibility of a recruitment consultant is to implement strategies to attract candidates organically. This can again be achieved in multiple ways, including SEO and online content.

• Placing candidates: Once suitable candidates have been sourced, a recruitment consultant will manage the whole process up until a placement is made. A recruiter will take both client and candidate needs into consideration throughout the process.

• Maintaining relationships: A good recruitment consultant will maintain relationships with both clients and candidates to ensure a rapport is built to support them with further recruitment needs.

• Negotiation pay and salary rates: Sometimes negotiations are required to meet both party’s needs. A recruitment consultant’s role includes facilitating the negotiations of terms and contracts. Here is where a recruiter will aim to finalising arrangements between clients and candidates.

• Provide CV and career advice: For many job seekers understanding what steps to take or how to prepare appropriate application material can be difficult. Here is where a recruitment consultant can support with their specialities.

Please be aware that a recruitment consultant’s day will always change depending on their monthly goals and results. It is a hard position to crack, however, for those willing to work hard, great things can be achieved.

Prior to applying for a recruitment consultant role, it is important to understand what it takes to be a successful recruiter. Although many professional positions require qualifications, interpersonal skills and temperament carry greater weightage.

What It Takes To Be A Good Recruitment Consultant?

If you’re looking at recruitment consulting jobs, wondering what it takes to make it, there are some basic requirements to consider. Firstly, work experience providing effective sales skills are favoured. The role of a recruitment consultant is ultimately selling suitable opportunities. Sometimes persuasion or identifying selling points can make the difference between achieving monthly goals or not. Additional key skills include the ability to build and maintain relationships, professionalism, goal driven, determined and confidence.

Additional skills favoured for today’s market include social media communications, SEO, copywriting and data management. Each of these key skills will provide todays recruitment consultants with effective ways of engaging and targeting both clients and candidates, while organising their workload.

In order to be successful, recruiters must also have a positive, determined mindset. Some days can be very difficult in recruitment. All of your hard work can fall through the cracks in a split second. However, on good days, the challenges are worthwhile. Therefore, before considering a long prosperous career as a recruitment consultant, understand whether you have the grit to carry on when challenges arise.

An individual entering the industry will begin as a trainee recruitment consultant. Here a basic salary will be provided, along with on the job training to promote progression. There’s great career progression and opportunity in recruitment, providing motivated recruitment professionals with the scope to work hard and play hard.

A factor which can further advance a recruitment consultants career is specialising in a specific industry. Building up a credible reputation and understanding of a specified industry will attract top clients while supporting candidates effectively. For example, a client looking to hire for a senior marketing position will gain a greater experience and return if collaborating with a specialised marketing recruitment consultant. A marketing focused recruiter will achieve the job quicker and more effective by understanding the demands, while having a pool of suitable talent at their fingertips. Therefore, if you have a qualification or a degree in a certain area, recruiting for those roles will provide career progression opportunities.

If you like the sound of what a recruitment consultant does and believe you have what it takes to be successful, get in touch with our specialised team here at Amanda Wright Rec2Rec. We are experts in placing determined individuals within recruitment consultant positions, whether that be a trainee, straight through to senior opportunities.

We can help you gauge if this career path is for you and if your previous experience and key skills are suitable to be a successful recruitment consultant. With over 18 years of experience, we work across a wide range of industries, from accountancy and finance, straight through to the manufacturing sector.

Get in touch today to show your interest in one of our available recruitment consultant positions or upload your CV to our database.

Amanda Wright | Thu 2nd May 2019


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