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What is recruitment to recruitment?

As a specialist ‘recruitment to recruitment’ agency we are often asked ‘just what is recruitment to recruitment?’.  People outside the industry are often amazed to discover we specialise in recruiting fellow recruitment professionals. The concept is rather intriguing to the layman and women.  In a nutshell a ‘recruitment to recruitment’ professional is one who finds work for recruitment consultants and is a recruitment consultant him or herself. 

Perplexing right!?

Why use recruitment to recruitment specialist?

 One legitimate question would be ‘why wouldn’t a recruitment agency just recruitment their own consultants since they specialise in recruitment?’

Well the answer comes down to specialisation.  Just because a mechanic fixes Fords each week does not mean he or she must fix a Porches. 

When recruitment agencies choose a specialist ‘recruitment to recruitment’ agency to search and select recruitment professionals, they can expect a superior service than would be the case if they ‘just did the recruiting themselves’.

As ‘recruitment to recruitment’ specialists we know exactly when and where to hunt for outstanding recruitment candidates.  If our clients specialise in the recruitment of medical staff, the time it takes the figure of the ‘rec 2 rec’ market is usually wasteful given this is not a core part of their business.

Diligent agencies quickly learn the function is best left to specialists.  Indeed this thinking is at the core of their own business models.  If their own clients ‘just did the recruiting themselves’ we would have no recruitment industry in the first place!

As a ‘recruitment to recruitment’ agency, our entire business plan focuses on recruiting high-quality recruitment consultants.   Our clients rely on our service since we provide a consistently high standard of candidate.   Our network of contacts and ‘house database’ is entirely built to deliver our aim in providing superior recruitment candidates.

Our service adds value to clients’ businesses and means clients save time in the hiring process.  We sift and interview candidates for our clients.  This means our clients are able to get on with their core business activities without worrying about hiring staff.  Our selection process sits at the core of our businesses.  A quality selection process takes time to develop and even more time to implement.  In return for our service our clients save time, money and sanity to spend elsewhere!

Typical areas recruitment to recruitment specialist operate in

Areas of recruitment are vast.  We specialise in recruiting other recruitment professionals in a range of verticals, including:

-     Legal

-     Sales 

-     Accountancy

-     Management

-     Blue colour

-     Engineering

-     Pharmaceutical

-     Oil & Gas

-     M & E

-     Aerospace

-     Manufacturing

-     Social care

-     Nursing

Finding and hiring recruitment consultants in so many different sectors requires expertise most agencies do not require.  Our team of ‘recruitment to recruitment’ specialists have developed skills for hiring candidates in 2-3 of the above areas.  Combined our staff are able to recruitment fellow recruitment professionals in most niche areas.  Our team understand on a deep level the required skills, motivations and personality traits required in order to succeed in each recruitment area outlined above.

If you would like to learn more about Amanda Wright’s recruitment to recruitment service please call today on 07515 065 641 or complete the enquiry form.

Guest | Thu 11th Jun 2015


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