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Jobs in Recruitment Birmingham


What is recruitment?

Recruitment within a busy city such as Birmingham is an ever changing sector to be involved in. The daily creation of new businesses and new job roles means a job in recruitment is as exciting as ever. The main role of a recruitment organisation is to find leads in the form of jobs from one of the many businesses within the city. It is crucial that a positive relationship is developed between recruiter and business. In addition to speaking over the phone and in written form, a recruiter quite often needs to visit the business they are working alongside to create a really deep understanding of the role they are trying to fill. Once they recruiter has a positive relationship with the client the recruiter can then begin trying to find the ideal candidate to fill the role. Most recruiters have a sales background as they are endeavouring to present candidates who possess the relevant skills for the job. In order to find the best candidates it is sometimes required that a recruiter approach people who are not aware of the job opportunities available to them and so are not actively looking for a new role. Being able to communicate effectively with people from a range of backgrounds is crucial to the best recruiters. The recruitment environment is diverse and busy and although challenging, is extremely rewarding in many different ways.

Why a career in recruitment?

Jobs in recruitment are extremely rewarding, one of the main benefits of the job is the financial rewards. As consultants work really hard, as well as a basic salary they are also given uncapped commission based on the success of the roles they fill. This incentive is one that truly makes the job worthwhile. As you close a placement you can be sure that the feeling you get from knowing you have succeeded in meeting a target is surpassed only by the feeling that you have helped someone find their ideal job role. In addition to the salary benefits, a lot of consultancies offer the opportunity to have a company car and other allowances such as gym membership and paid lunches. Managing your own work load and being responsible for your own clients and candidates means you can organise your time yourself and be rewarded when those relationships result in a job role being filled. The rush of adrenaline you get when you have worked alongside clients and candidates to help a business find their ideal employee is overwhelming.

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