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Recruitment Consultant


Becoming a Recruitment Consultant can be one of the best decisions you can make. The recruitment industry is one of the most popular choices for graduates and those looking for change in career. Are you someone who has just finished their degree, or thinking about changing jobs, and are looking to start a lucrative, long-lasting and respected career? You should consider becoming a recruitment consultant!

Why is a Recruitment Consultant a Popular Career Choice?

There are many reasons why becoming a recruitment consultant is an attractive option. The first reason is the pay; the financial aspect is always an important factor when choosing a career. Recruitment consultants typically earn a higher entry-level wage than other jobs. The financial rewards such as incentives and commission, often come sooner compared to other entry-level jobs.

The most important skill to have if you would like to become a recruitment consultant, is “people-skills”. Many students come from an academic background where there has been an emphasis on communication. Those communication skills translate well to a career as a recruitment consultant. Past jobs in client or public facing roles also prove to be valuable.

For some consultants travel is necessary as clients can be located anywhere in the world. Being paid to travel is a huge attraction, especially for recent graduates and the younger generation.

What Does the Day of a Recruitment Consultant Typically Look Like?

A recruitment consultant will normally start between 8am and 9am, depending on the company and specific role. Often candidates and clients will be in contact in the evenings so replying to e-mails and making calls is a first thing task.

The rest of the morning will usually be spent hunting for candidates and expanding the candidate pool. Building relationships with candidates makes them more likely to come back when they are ready for a new challenge.

The afternoon could be face-to-face meetings with clients and candidates. As a consultant, your interviewing skills are important as you will need to match the right candidate to the right jobs

However, every day as a recruitment consultant is different. There is a lot of interaction with all kinds of people from all walks of life. Every candidate, client and situation needs a different approach. Being a recruitment consultant involves a lot of hard work and dedication but the rewards and results are well worth it!

Are you someone who has the skills, personality and drive to become a recruitment consultant? Call Amanda Wright Recruitment today on 0151 427 9843, for some more information on the roles available for you!

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