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Why use a REC2REC Specialist?

Whilst the concept of using a recruiting agency to recruit recruiters may seem unusual to some, it’s a speciality for which there is very much a demand for. Maybe you’re thinking “what is REC2REC?” or “why wouldn’t a recruitment agency just recruit their own people since they specialise in recruitment?”. Again, it comes back to having that special set of skills and experience to select the very best recruitment professionals. By using a specialist recruitment to recruitment agency, the business in question will be receiving a far superior service than if they just did it themselves. This is one of the main reasons why you should utilise the skills of a REC2REC specialist.

A REC2REC specialist understands better than anyone where and how to source the right recruitment candidates for each industry. If you’re running a business yourself, you’ll quickly realise how effective the function of recruitment to recruitment is; it’s most successful when left to the experts. As a recruitment to recruitment agency, here at Amanda Wright we recognise that our clients rely on us to provide a high quality service using our vast network of contacts across various sectors.

We specialise in recruiting professionals from a wide range of industries such as management, oil and gas, manufacturing, aerospace, social care, legal, sales, accountancy and finance, engineering, FMCG, driving, IT, nursing, and pharmaceutical. As you can imagine, finding the most suitable candidates for each of these specialist sectors requires specific experience, knowledge, and networking which most agencies are unlikely to have; this is what we build on each day as REC2REC specialists, so that we can effectively recruit professionals in those niche areas.

Here at Amanda Wright, we benefit from over 18 years of experience and truly are the experts when it comes to REC2REC recruitment. We’re extremely proud of our service and will continue to offer our proactive approach to all of our clients as we aim to find the best solution to each business’ needs. Our bespoke service means that we’ll put in that extra time to get to know you and understand your specific needs, allowing us to personalise our recruitment methods and offer you the very best solution.

We welcome candidates at all levels, whether you’re fresh out of university and looking to start your career with a bang or whether you’re a senior recruitment consultant searching for a new path, we’re confident that we can find the most suitable role for your needs. We boast preferred supplier status and exclusivity from many of our clients as a result of the unparalleled experience we provide for both our clients and our candidates; we’re proud to be the first choice for many when it comes to REC2REC recruitment.


So, what are the benefits of using a REC2REC specialist?

There really are some fantastic advantages to using a REC2REC specialist. From feeling protected and secure when it comes to your confidentiality, to ensuring you’re utilising the most experienced and ‘in the know’ people in the business to get the very best results. We’ve outlined some of these fantastic benefits below:

·         Confidentiality: When you’re searching for a new position, you of course don’t want your current employer to find out. We understand the importance of this and will always protect your confidentiality. When you’re using a recruiting agency, you should be able to speak openly about your career change which is why we only work with our most trusted businesses who will never breach your confidence.

·         Time: If you were to take on the challenge yourself, it would take you much longer than our REC2REC specialists. Recruitment to recruitment is what we know, inside and out, we spend all day, every day, networking with businesses and recruiters; if there’s a role available, then we’re confident we’ll know about it long before you do. This level of connection is so important as we can call on our great relationships with the leaders of any industry, working effectively to achieve the best results for you.

·         Market knowledge: We understand that it can feel pretty overwhelming when you’re searching for a new job. There are so many recruitment companies out there who all are claiming various things which may or may not be true. It’s a challenge to work your way through this minefield, particularly at what could be a pretty stressful period in your life. We have great staff retention which makes it much easier for us to build those ever so important relationships with our clients, meaning we know what they expect and what they are looking for when it comes to potential candidates.

·         Experience: Over 18 years of experience has given us excellent knowledge and exposure to a vast range of clients and candidates across many industries. We will always do our best to represent everyone in the most professional and effective way possible. We will be honest with you and offer as much advice as we can throughout the entire process to ensure your expectations are managed and you’re kept completing in the loop at every stage.

·         Choice: Our experience affords us with the ability to think outside the box when it comes to your career choices. We might even suggest an option or a career path which you might not have considered yet, but we’ll be sure to explain our justification for this. As we make that extra time and effort to get to know your personality and your aspirations, we can make an informed decision and offer you some fantastic options where we know you’ll thrive from every angle.

Just because you might be unfamiliar with the concept of recruitment to recruitment, doesn’t mean you can’t benefit from it. Keep your options open, work with the best professionals in your industry, and ensure that you’re being presented with the highest level of opportunities available.

Amanda Wright | Wed 10th Mar 2021


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