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Why Recruitment Consultants Are A Vital Part of The Recruitment Process

Do you currently work with recruitment consultants? Or maybe you’re considering a career in recruitment? If you have little knowledge, we are sure you’re wondering why recruitment consultants are a vital part of the recruitment process?

Recruiters carry great responsibility when considering the hiring process. They deal with the sourcing of suitable candidates, straight through to communicating offers and regrets. They have significant engagement with job seekers throughout the hiring funnel, ensuring that requirements of both candidates and clients are met.

From creating eye catching job descriptions and social media adverts, to attracting and finding suitable job seekers, no day is the same in the world of recruitment. However, the knowledge that recruitment consultants can influence hiring success is set in stone.

If you are considering working with recruitment agencies, see our breakdown below on the value of collaboration, and the likely benefits you’ll experience when considering your recruitment process. If you’re considering recruitment as a career route, here’s why your role in the cogs of the job market is vital. By the end of this blog, you’ll hopefully gauge why recruitment consultants are a vital part of the recruitment process and beyond…


The benefits of working with recruitment consultants

 -        They are specialists.
In short, recruitment consultants are specialists in their field. Day in day out they complete general recruiting responsibilities. With this in mind, transferring your hiring objectives over to recruitment consultants will carry many benefits. The type of candidates you will engage with will improve, along with the experience for both parties.

Work with a recruiter and achieve your long-term recruitment goals. Become a recruiter and provide first-class service to a number of clients. 

 -        They understand how to attract the right candidates 

 This is one of the most difficult steps of recruitment, yet recruitment consultants regularly achieve it. Many companies find it difficult to engage with suitable candidates, actively on the job market, never mind passive candidates. Recruitment consultants understand the process candidates follow when on the job hunt. They understand how to utilise their personal brand and social media platforms, while improving the overall candidate experience.  

 -        They have experience of business development and how to maintain valuable relationships

Successful recruitment consultants will have significant experience of business development. This is where a professional relationship is formed through their recruiting services. By following this approach, recruitment consultants place value on ongoing relationships by investing into their client’s best interest.

Consider working with a recruitment consultant to achieve your ongoing recruitment goals. If you’re hoping to make it as a recruiter, having strong interpersonal skills are a must to manage the recruitment process.


How recruitment consultants succeed

The key to succeeding as a recruitment consultant includes having the desire to develop through the recruitment industry, while fulfilling both candidate and client needs. However, this is done in a unique way.

Current recruiters understand that their credibility in the industry will set them apart. With this in mind, developing a personal brand is an ongoing activity for recruiters. This will help them understand their area of expertise greater, while attracting business from clients continuously.

This is achieved by developing engaging social media campaigns, newsletters and building networks both online and in person. Therefore, if you’re considering becoming a recruiter, refining your skillset and brand image now will serve you well.

If you are considering working with recruitment consultants, you will benefit greatly from their on-trend mindset. They are a vital part of the current recruitment process, understanding how to tackle all activity effectively. 



Valuable information recruitment consultant’s source throughout the recruitment process

Another factor which promotes the value of recruitment consultants in the hiring process includes the information they manage to source. Successful recruiters have knowledge of effective questions to ask candidates within the initial screening process. This candidate qualification period is the most effective time to shortlist ideal job seekers.

 See valuable questions asked by recruitment consultants below along with justification for their importance… 

-         -        Which companies are you involved with?

Although some may believe recruiters ask this question to push information out of candidates, it is actually a common question to help control the recruitment process. This will ensure that the right engagement is present, along with placing priority for ideal job seekers lacking opportunity. It is a highly candidate driven market, therefore, this will keep recruiters in the loop – benefiting your hiring efforts.

 -        What is motivating your job search?

This question is highly important when considering the hiring process. It is important that recruitment consultants understand the requirements of candidates to ensure they are fulfilled through client offerings.

 -        What value can you bring to a new company?

It is within the best interest of recruitment consultants to ensure that candidates sourced are ideal for their clients. This question will help recruiters gauge the value of a candidate and whether they can accomplish the responsibilities noted by the client. 

 -        What previous examples do you have to prove this value?

This question goes hand in hand with the above, providing evidence that a candidate is suitable and up to a standard. This is much more desirable than providing a lack of information on previous experiences. 


Although the above questions can be asked by anyone, recruitment consultants have a great understanding of their value, along with how to interpret the information. This is vital to ensuring a successful recruitment process is likely. Recruitment consultants are a vital part of the recruitment process and will continue to be both internally and externally. From their specialised knowledge, to their ability to advance the hiring funnel, recruiting can become a hassle without their support.

If you are hoping to develop a career as a recruitment consultant or are on the search for a new recruiter to join your team, here at Amanda Wright Recr2Rec, we can support you. We are specialists in placing candidates within rec2rec positions. Get in touch today to fully understand the value of working with recruitment consultants.


Amanda Wright | Fri 5th Jul 2019


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