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Why are Employability Skills important?

Whilst attending university it is critical that you take every opportunity to develop your employability skills.  A degree may make you eligible to apply for a job but to be successful in the role you will need to demonstrate a range of flexible skills.

What does this mean?

You have completed your degree, you have the technical skills associated with that role, but do you have the ‘soft skills' that can be transferred between different employment sectors and ensure you are successful at interview?

At Amanda Wright Recruitment we often lease with employers to ensure we can offer you the support you require.  We’ve listed below some of the most common employability skills and how to sell then to employers.


Are you reliable, passionate, and enjoy hard work?  Employees that are committed need very little supervision or motivation to do their best and to get the job complete.


Communication is the ability to communicate with others, whether that is verbally, written or electronically.  In an employment setting communication skills are the key to building relationships.  The ability to communicate effectively and change your style accordingly is important throughout your working relations.  It is important that you get along with colleagues, listen and understand instructions.

Decision Making

Decisions are usually made based on intuition or reasoning.  Making a good decision involves gathering all the facts, listening to all solutions, seeking advice and being aware of repercussions.


Are you flexible and willing to take on new responsibilities? Employers like people who adapt easily, are flexible and have a can-do attitude.

Leadership Skills

Leadership skills are important even if you are not applying for a managerial or supervisory position. Having leadership qualities means you use your initiative, you plan ahead and understand how to motivate yourself and others.

Organisation / Time Management

Do you have strong organisational skills? Time management involves setting realistic targets and having the ability to plan and prioritise workloads.  Being efficient and planning your time effectively is essential in the workplace to ensure you meet deadlines. 


Each team member has an individual role; a good team player communicates well with others and has the desired end result clear in their mind.  The ability to work and listen to colleagues is essential in the workplace.


Graduate Recruitment Fact

Did you know? Approximately 68% of graduate jobs are open to students with a degree in any specialty.

At Amanda Wright we specialised in rec2rec, HR and graduate recruitment throughout the UK.  If you are a graduate and are looking to start a career in the recruitment industry, contact us on 07841 344141.

Max | Mon 28th Jul 2014


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