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Tips for succeeding as a trainee recruitment consultant

Let's assume you are a trainee recruiter. You've been working in the recruitment industry between six and eighteen months. Congratulations for making it this far. You've likely already conquered many challenges so far. 

We believe to be a successful recruiter, you need to be part gladiator, part Olympic athlete and part marriage counsellor. It clearly takes a lot to succeed in this industry.

But remember that recruiting is the purest form of sales out there. If you don't think this is a sales business, then you really are in the wrong business. As recruiters, we all want our clients to hire the best candidate as long as they came from us! 

That's really what we all want at the end of the day. 

Isn’t it?

Your job as a sales professional is being able to lead people to a decision that ultimately benefits them. Wealth is a transfer of value. There clearly is no problem with making lots of money in this industry as long as your clients benefit from your actions. 

If you are able to hold this mind-set, you will forge a successful career in the recruitment sector. 

The traits of 'power billers'

Below we shall inform you of the top three things that are common in people who have succeeded in the recruitment industry.  We've consulted recruitment agencies throughout the United Kingdom and they claim every single 'power biller' is able to demonstrate these three things.

#1. Power billers get a rush when they sell something

The first trait demonstrated by 'power billers' is that they experience a 'rush' when they make a sale.  When they are able to persuade their client to employ their candidate, a positive psychological pay-out is experienced. 

#2.  Power billers have already demonstrated success in other areas of their lives

Power billers know what it takes to succeed in the recruitment industry because they understand success in other areas of their lives. This is why it's not uncommon for people who've had sporting or similar successes to also do well when they enter the recruitment industry.

#3.  Power billers are very resilient 

Above all, power billers demonstrate a sense of resilience even in the face of certain failure. This means they are able to 'bounce back' with relative ease when a setback is experienced. 

5 Steps to enhancing your career as a beginner recruitment consultant

Now we shall share with you five actions you can implement today to enhance your career and give you some traction. 

#1. Expect to win

You need to expect to win at all times. This includes when you first arrive in the office in the morning, every time you pick up the phone and every time you communicate with a candidate or a client.  

Every time you communicate with a candidate or a client, you need to expect the deal will pull off in your favour. If you do not expect to win, you will psychologically set yourself up for failure. This is negativity that your clients and candidates will be able to read on a subconscious level. This is certainly off putting and a major reason why some people fail in their recruitment career.

#2. Understand the recruitment business isn't a 9-5 role

Some people new to the recruitment business may expect to work only within the 9-5 'working' day. However, the recruitment business literally never sleeps, and so this expectation will severely hold back your potential in this industry. 

The role of a recruitment consultant is not a 40 hour a week job. You really can't expect to show up a 9 am in the morning and leave at 5 pm and bill the same amount of money as a colleague who is willing to work outside this time frame. 

At a minimum, you should be willing to start at 7.30 am and finish at around 7 pm at least three nights a week. The most successful recruitment consultants will usually be available 24/7 via their mobile phone.

Also, you must be willing to do research, reading and personal study when you are not at work. This is how you will learn about the industry in-depth. 

#3. Find a successful recruiter to mentor you

Finding a successful recruiter to mentor you will shave off the amount of time it takes to learn this industry. You must duplicate what your mentor is doing so you may be successful yourself. 

Specifically, ask this person what steps he or she took to become a success in the recruitment industry. Offer to take them out for lunch so you can 'grill them' on how they became successful. If you work in a large recruitment business, you may wish to recruit several mentors to maximise ‘real world’ learning. 

#4. Be a sponge

Being a sponge means you must be willing to learn something new about the recruitment industry every single day. This means being proactive about your learning. This also means you must be willing to invest in your education. Buy books, training videos and tutorials on recruitments. Also learn about related disciplines such as sales, marketing and advertising. 

Try to do something every single day to improve as a recruiter and as a salesperson. This will improve you understand of recruitment and sales and speed up your professional development. 

#5. Specialise in a particular industry

When it comes to recruiting, you should to go ‘two inches think and five miles long’. This means you should focus your efforts in recruiting for one particular industry rather than many different industries. This will allow you to learn about an industry in great detail. If you target too many industries, you will be a 'jack of all trades and a master of none.' 

Within time, you will be the 'go to guy' in this particular industry. Everyone within this industry will come to you when they need to fill a particular role. 

Get in touch today

If you would like to find your next role in recruitment, contact Amanda Wright Recruitment on 0151 427 9843. We are the UK’s leading ‘recruitment to recruitment’ specialists.

Paul | Tue 11th Oct 2016


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