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New Year, New Job? Is January The Right Time to Find A New Job?


While observing the annual hiring calendar, January is in fact a great time of the year to find a new job. The holiday season has finished, usually marking the start of consistent hiring activity. Many companies will actively hire, commonly promoting a number of open positions. Additionally, a new recruitment budget will usually be accessible, offering greater potential to onboard new employees. This timing will therefore provide you with a large scope of opportunities to consider.


Yet, it’s also important to keep in mind that January is also a competitive month for job seekers. Many other individuals will be in a similar mindset as you, hoping for a fresh start, sooner rather than later. With this in mind, it’s important to prepare yourself for a longer hiring process, with a potential of greater job-hunting activity to find that right position.


To reach your New Year’s resolution, greater effort may be required in January to stand out. From completing more job applications, to advanced networking opportunities, getting yourself out there will be beneficial.


However, if you’re hoping to delay your job search by a few months, do not worry, as seasonal hiring peaks will make an appearance; providing further opportunities to secure a new job in 2020. 


Annual hiring patterns


The New Year hiring trend will usually last until March and April, which in time will fade out into the summer months. Although recruitment and hiring activity is still running through June, July and August for some companies, the scope of open positions will reduce. This drop will be down to a number of factors, including a reduced interest from job seekers, available budget and the delayed presence of decision makers and hiring managers.


Once the quiet summer months pass, another hiring peak will make an appearance, commonly experienced in September. As the enjoyment of summer dwindles, back to work blues will be common, turning the heads of many job seekers. This is one of the highest turnover times for staff, therefore, companies will more than likely shine the light on their job advertisements to avoid any hiring delays. 


As the festive season soon approaches once again, hiring will usually come to a halt. Many companies will wait for the busy January period to kickstart, commencing recruiting activity once again; making January one of the right times to find a new job.


Although busier hiring times result in greater opportunities, it’s important to remember that this is a competitive period. Many job seekers will follow the annual recruitment trends when looking and applying for a new job. This is great insight to follow, yet keep in mind that companies do hire throughout the year. Therefore, once the timing feels right, you’ll know when to consider a new job.


Ways to prepare and find a new job this New Year


Whether you’re keen to secure a new job this New Year, or you’re hoping to wait for the competitive market to reduce, there are some active steps to take; benefiting your job search.


Research, research and then research some more


Although searching for a new opportunity may feel like an easy activity, as January approaches, you’ll soon be bombarded with many job advertisements. This can be an overwhelming activity to complete, along with a time-consuming period when completing job applications. With this in mind, it’s firstly important to consider the type of role and workplace you’re looking for; making your job search worth your while. Once you have a list of requirements, starting your job search will be much easier.


Alongside considering your personal needs, researching companies who notoriously hire in the New Year is recommended. Here you’ll have the opportunity to do your background research on their values, employer brand, hiring strategies and open positions.


Company websites, social media platforms and LinkedIn accounts are some effective tools to help you prepare for January’s hiring peak.


Prepare your supporting application material


While enjoying your festive break, this is a great time to prepare your supporting application material; helping you be ahead of the game in January. Supporting material can be anything from your CV, cover letters, LinkedIn profile, online portfolio and answers to common interview questions. Many job seekers may visit this activity once the New Year enters. Yet, you’ll be prepared, ready to apply once spotting an ideal opportunity.


Stay in your current job


Although this may not be an option for all, attempting to hold the forte within your current job is recommended. Current employability is attractive to hiring managers, along with ensuring you have available funds to search for your next role comfortably.


For some job seekers, this unfortunately isn’t an option, placing great pressure on their job search. This pressure can sometimes work for some, while for others, it will damage their mindset to search in January.


If you’re looking to delay your job search, the above preparation steps should be utilised throughout the annual recruitment period. Yet, if the New Year, New Job approach is for you, it’s time to prepare.


Here at Amanda Wright Rec2Rec, we can help you find your next opportunity in the recruitment industry. We have vast experience of pairing candidates with hiring companies, offering an efficient yet effective hiring process.


If you answer yes to… Is January the right time to find a new job, based on our above data, get in touch today.


Maxweb Solutions | Fri 20th Dec 2019


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