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Is Recruitment Holding Your Business Back?

A company’s success is built on the back of its employees. Attracting the right talent to your company can be quite difficult; in fact it is only getting more difficult. According to the Office of National Statistics, there has been an increase of 2 percent in job vacancies between December 2017 and February 2018. For a recruiter, this means that there is less competition for each job and more competition for the top-talent. Businesses are fighting over a limited pool of candidates and need to stand out.

How do you attract the most suitable and talented personnel within your field? How do you keep employees motivated and loyal to your company?

Three ways to improve your recruitment process:

Improving Work Schedules

In recent years, the expectations of the workplace have changed in comparison to the pre-internet era. This is mostly due the possibility of working remotely. This is quickly becoming an attractive option for many employees, as a poll in 2017 cited that nearly 90 percent of workers would consider a new position if it meant working remotely. Many multinational corporations such as Sky, Google and Facebook have joined in on recruiting from the “agile workforce” pool.

Does your field/business model/office culture allow this type of flexible work schedule? It is important for businesses to look into new schemes to attract a new workforce and appear modern and forward thinking. It is not always possible to offer flexi-time or remote working but even a few days a month could appear appealing to applicants.

Temporary Recruitment

Hiring individual contractors or freelancers can be beneficial. According to research in 2017, many highly skilled workers decide to work as contract workers or as self-employed consultants. Not only is there a bigger resource of highly skilled workers, there is also the option to offer contractors permanent positions if the initial period goes well. It is a good opportunity for employers to test workers, as there is no long-term risk associated.

Stay Up-to-date

During a time of rapid technological advancement, you can expect many different approaches, methods and tools to help you boost recruitment. Tracking contracts, keeping in touch with recruitment agencies/job boards and even improving your employee’s performances can be managed with many different pieces of modern software. A well-run HR department can have a positive effect on employees that can increase motivation and happiness in the workplace.

Employing a specialised recruitment consultant/agency is the best way to attract the best applicants. Inside knowledge and an existing pool of candidates gives them a distinct advantage. At Amanda Wright, we work with companies in to maximise the potential of their workforce. Call us on 0151 427 9843 or contact us for more information on how we can help you.

Maxweb | Mon 24th Sep 2018


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