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How to Write a Recruitment Consultant CV

Are you looking to progress your career as a recruitment consultant? Always wondered what it takes to make it in the fast-paced industry of recruitment? Whether you have a small amount of recruitment experience, or this is your first career step, it’s important that you understand how to sell yourself in the application process.  

Preparation is key, therefore, here’s some top tips on how to write a recruitment consultant CV… But before we get into that, it’s important that you understand the day to day responsibilities of a recruitment consultant. This will help to prepare your CV and further application material to reflect the role you are applying for; A key priority when looking to successfully make it as a recruitment consultant. Along with broadening your understanding to successfully recruit rec2rec moving forward. 

What is the day to day of a recruitment consultant?
From working to client briefs to source suitable candidates for open positions, to helping job seekers find their next career move, the day to day of a recruitment consultant can vary. Communication is a large part of a recruitment consultants’ role, along with listening to requirements, fulfilling those requirements and negotiating deals. Responsibilities can also include cold calling to develop business relationships, along with account management to help both candidates and clients throughout the recruitment process.

Being a recruitment consultant takes commitment, hard work and determination, along with having the passion to help others while hitting your personal targets. If you believe you have what it takes, here’s how to write your CV for a recruitment consultant position…

Tips on how to write your CV for a recruitment consultant position 

The format of your CV
Your CV when applying for any role, yet alone a recruitment consultant should be presented clearly, over no more than 2 pages. It should include all important details to showcase your capabilities to fulfil the role of a recruitment consultant to a hiring manager. This is where you first sell yourself, therefore it should reflect who you are as a person, providing hiring managers with a snapshot of your goals, skills and further work experience.

Hiring managers will usually only scan through CV’s quickly, therefore we recommend submitting an easy to read, concise roundup of who you are when applying for a recruitment consultant role.

What should make it into your CV
Whatever role you’re applying for, your CV should cover general personal details, education, work experience, appropriate skills, and references. It should ideally be viewed as a professional summary promoting your suitability. Each time you apply for a role, your CV should be created to reflect the position you’re applying for. 

If you’re looking to apply for a recruitment consultant position, key skills including interpersonal skills, computer literacy, time management and administration should be highlighted. Additionally, any marketing and sales experience should be presented, along with your ability to hit goals. It takes a certain type of person to successfully make it from a trainee recruitment consultant to a fully-fledged high biller. Those who are confident, are professional and have a positive outlook tend to make it. Therefore, if this describes your personal characteristics, make sure they are highlighted when writing your recruitment consultant CV.

How to present yourself through your CV 
Now we understand how submitting your CV for a role is very monotonous
however, remember that this is your key way of selling yourself. The best way you can do this when applying for a recruitment consultant position is to provide real life examples of your previous experience relatable to the role you’re applying for. 

Alongside this, it is important that you include keywords in your CV which fully reflect skills and tools used in the recruitment industry. This will draw hiring managers in as they flick through hundreds of other applications daily. Additionally, it will boost your attractiveness when considering your capability of fitting a recruitment consultants’ responsibility’s and mindset. 

Alongside your CV, a short cover letter should be included to further sell yourself, share your goals and motive for applying, and why you crave a role like the position you’re interested in. 

Things to avoid when writing a recruitment consultant CV 
When formatting your CV for your next recruitment consultant position, there are a few things you should avoid. Firstly, avoid including any unrelatable experience or skills. This will take up space on your CV along with diverting hiring managers away from your application. This shows how you haven’t spent time preparing your CV for this role, along with lacking understanding of general factors known by natural recruiters. 

Further aspects to avoid when formatting your CV include images of yourself or anything that will distract hiring managers from reading the meaty parts of your professional summary. To many this may be common sense, however CV’s for recruitment consultant positions have included these previously.

Key takeaways when creating your recruitment consultant focused CV:

·        Ensure that your CV is no more than 2 pages long, is clear and easy to read. 

·        Ensure that only appropriate skills, education and experience are disclosed. 

·        Aim to tailor your CV to fit the key responsibilities of a recruitment consultant. Include keywords to attract the attention of hiring managers. 

·        Use previous examples of where you have showcased skills required by a recruitment consultant. This will make your application memorable. 

·        Avoid formatting your CV from deviating from a general, concise CV structure. Avoid any distractions such as images. 

·        Read over your CV prior to submitting. Sloppy spelling and grammar mistakes will negatively affect your application. 

If you believe you have what it takes to make it as a recruitment consultant, contact our team today. 


Be sure to read through and implement our top tips on how to write a recruitment consultant CV prior to applying to increase your chances. 

Here at Amanda Wright rec2rec, we help place ideal candidates in niche recruitment consultant positions. We know exactly what our clients want from a candidates’ CV, therefore we can help you write the ideal recruitment consultant CV today. 

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