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How Much Do Recruiters Make In The UK?

Have you always wondered how much do recruiters make in the UK? Fancy yourself as a consultant? Find out more about salary expectations here.

The role of a recruiter

Selecting the career route of a recruitment consultant has recently developed, as more and more demand enters the market. Additionally, the ability to build a strong career in recruitment has become more attractive in the job market. Have you ever considered yourself as a budding recruiter?

Day to day, recruiters help job seekers secure new opportunities, while supporting clients with their hiring process. From initial sourcing, straight through to a fully-fledged recruitment strategy, recruiters can serve a variety of solutions.

If you are a people person, determined and goal driven, becoming a recruiter could be the ideal career step for you. It is a difficult industry to initially make it in. However, once you’ve homed in on the specialised skills required, a long career as a recruitment consultant is possible. To find out what it takes in today’s UK market, head over to our website or get in touch with our team of recruiters.

Working in the recruitment industry 

Are you interested in working in the recruiting industry? Have you always wondered what opportunities are out there, including average salary expectations? 

Recruitment is a fast-paced, competitive industry with many benefits. From helping those looking to secure a new opportunity, to building your own desk, there’s a large scope to developing a successful career in the industry. It lives up to its ‘work hard, play hard’ perception, providing great benefits for successful recruiters.

There are many factors which can influence earning potentials when working as a recruitment consultant in the UK. Some individuals will plateau yearly on basic salary packages, whereas other recruiters will continue to move up the ranks, increasing their income reach.

Although we do not recommend purely basing a career selection based on salary expectations, we understand that it is important for you to gain an insight into your potential future. If you are considering stepping into the recruitment world, aiming to build up a strong yearly salary, see which factors can influence your earnings in todays UK market.

Factors influencing average salary expectations for recruiters

For most recruitment agencies, a basic salary is set. This is how much each recruiter under the same organisation will at a minimum take home monthly. In order to achieve greater salary expectations, there are some key influencing factors.

If you are looking to reach those larger figures, consider the below when beginning your career as a recruitment consultant.

Commission Structure

One large factor which can affect how much UK recruiters earn is their company commission structure. This is a set percentage agreed between a recruitment agency and a recruiting client. Commissions are usually calculated based on the agreed percentage and the salary of your recent hire. Therefore, the greater the seniority of the role you are recruiting for, the greater commission is available.

Imagine the earnings you could potentially achieve when successfully placing candidates regularly? This is how successful recruiters boost their yearly salary. 

Targets Are Met When Starters Begin

In order to achieve your full commission, you must ensure that your recent placements start in their new position. Many agreements in recruitment follow similar suit to ensure a value placement has been completed. This strategy benefits both a recruitment agency and client long-term, ensuring that deals are of quality.

Quantity Of Placements

If your aim is to boost your yearly recruitment salary, it’s time to increase the quantity of placements you make. Although common sense to many, homing in on your recruitment skills, relationship management and business growth is vital for progression. By boosting your monthly placements, your commission could increase threefold. However, remember to keep quality in mind to ensure that your placements start in their new position.

Your Experience

A further factor effecting potential earnings in the UK is your seniority. Most recruiters start off at resources or trainee consultant level, earning the average £18,000-20,000 salary. Like any other industry, progression is available. The greater your seniority, the greater your base salary will be.

Earning potentials as a senior recruiter can skyrocket, however, like any other career route, this milestone takes time. 

Potential annual salary for UK recruiters

Although it is difficult to give a complete guide on salary potential, within the UK, there is an opportunity to grow a healthy annual income through recruitment. To answer the question of ‘how much do recruiters make in the UK?’ it can be difficult to gauge a definite number. This is in regard to the influencing factors listed above which significantly effects the earning potential of a recruiter.

The average UK based recruiter salary can start off from around £20,000 and develop overtime to around £50,000. These figures are taken from anonymous salary submissions, therefore, there’s great scope to further develop income growth.

The above figures are also set on basic payments and exclude the add on of commission. Therefore, you can see how with hard work and consistent billing, a recruiter’s pay can significantly increase. 

Contact our team today for further information

If we’ve caught your attention and inspired you to becoming a recruitment consultant, get in touch with our team here at Amanda Wright rec2rec. We work with individuals like you, day in day out, helping them kickstart their career as a recruiter.

We have over 18 years of experience helping individuals kickstart a career in recruitment or move up the ranks into senior positions. Whether you’re set on a new career move or would like to find out further information regarding the day to day of a UK recruiter, get in touch today. You can reach our team on 0154 4279843.

We can further advise you on the best route to take, your suitability for the industry, your application material, and also advise you on earning potentials. We provide support throughout each stage of the recruitment process, taking your career needs into consideration. If you are considering a next career step within the recruitment industry, work with our expert team today. There’s plenty of opportunity to grow your own desk in today’s UK recruitment market. 

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