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How Do Recruitment Agencies Work?

Are you looking for a new job, yet struggling to find the ideal role that ticks your career checklist? Sometimes, searching for a new opportunity can be a difficult task to complete alone. With the vast amount of online job boards, there’s a continuous flow of openings available. Yet reading advert after advert can be boring, frustrating and disheartening at times.

With this in mind, how would you like a helping hand for sourcing and securing your next role? This is where recruitment agencies can step in to guide you through the job search and application process. Alongside gaining support, have you considered working in recruitment yourself, with the responsibility of helping other job seekers through their job search?

Yet before jumping into the process headfirst in collaboration with employment agencies, it’s worth appreciating the value of recruiters, gaining an understanding on how do recruitment agencies work, and the benefits linked to utilising this service. In turn, this could also shed some light on whether recruitment is the industry for you. 

What is a recruitment agency?

A recruitment agency in short is the middleman, working between candidates and hiring managers. From a candidate’s angle, they help job seekers find the ideal role, send CV’s, make career recommendations, communicate with the hiring company, and negotiate on behalf of successful candidates. From a client’s viewpoint, a recruiter’s responsibility lies in sourcing candidates who possess the ideal skills and experience to fit the outstanding job opening, while supporting with ongoing hiring goals.
Without the support of recruitment agencies, the hiring process from both the candidate and companies’ viewpoint can be a long-winded step.

How can you find a job through recruitment agencies?

For recruitment agencies, one of their daily tasks include reaching out to ideal candidates, while advertising current job openings. This can advance your job search significantly, by easily viewing and engaging with roles online.

As it’s a recruitment agencies mission to support both sides of the hiring arrangement, once showcasing your interest, it will be in the recruiter’s best interest to support you with your job search. Here at Amanda Wright Rec2Rec, we are recruitment specialists, placing experienced recruiters within new position across a wide range of industries. If you’re considering recruitment yourself, reach out today to find out how we can support you with your job search and how we as a recruitment agency work.

How do recruitment agencies work?

All recruitment agencies will work differently, especially when considering the industry and company they are hiring for. Yet there’s a common standardised process to follow to meet the goals of all parties.

Recruitment agencies will firstly collaborate with companies who are currently hiring. Sometimes this can be a new arrangement or could be a longstanding professional agreement. Once a new job opening is available and an understanding of requirements is present, it’s now the job of the agency to find candidates who meet the job description. Here is where their current database of job seekers will be contacted, yet only if suitability is present. Alongside this, job openings will usually be posted across social networking sites, be promoted through email marketing and also hosted on the recruitment agencies website to increase awareness and interest. Here recruitment agencies will share available jobs to their networks, including both passive and active job seekers.

Once ideal matches have been found, shortlists will usually be made for interviews; whether that’s a phone interview with the recruitment agency themselves, or a second face to face interview with the hiring company. All arrangements will be made through the recruitment agencies, along with any negotiations further down the line.

From start to finish, recruitment agencies will guide you through the hiring process, answering any questions you have, offering guidance and helping you secure your new job. Likewise, they will cater to the needs of a hiring company, working with them until all hiring goals have been achieved.

If you’re wondering… ‘How do recruitment agencies work’, it’s important that research is completed beforehand to ensure you’re comfortable with the process ahead. Similarly, if you’re considering recruitment as an industry yourself, having this knowledge will help you decide further. 

 What are the benefits of completing a job search through a recruitment agency?

By working with recruitment agencies, there are many benefits to experience. Firstly, recruiters are specialists in their field. They understand what their clients are looking for, what it takes to be successful and the upcoming process you will complete. Likewise, recruitment agencies will have a consistent know-how into the available and future job openings in your selected industry; this will serve you well when looking to complete a quick job search.

Secondly, by working with recruitment agencies, you’ll have access to consistent constructive feedback. As touched on above, recruiters are experts in the hiring world. Therefore, they can offer advice to help you progress with your job search. Additionally, CV and cover letter advice will usually be offered by recruitment agencies, along with interview coaching sessions and future career guidance.

Thirdly, recruitment agencies can manage the whole job search process for you, making this a highly convenient service, especially if you’re currently working full-time. They will communicate with companies for you, while ensuring suitability is prioritised for both parties.

Finally, it is free to work with recruitment agencies. This service will usually be paid by the employers in this arrangement and will commonly be stated in their terms and conditions. Therefore, you’ll have access to this specialised support free of charge by working with recruitment agencies. 

How to apply through a recruitment agency?

If your goal is to find a new opportunity, applying through a recruitment agency couldn’t be easier. The first step is to show your interest, whether that’s on an available role or the type of role you’re looking for. From here, you’ll complete a job search process alongside your selected recruitment agencies, while providing all supporting material including your CV, a portfolio of work and your requirements. Once you’ve completed this step, you’ll be guided by the capable hands of recruitment agencies, helping you secure your next position.

If you’re considering the recruitment world for yourself, here at Amanda Wright Rec2Rec, we can work with you to pinpoint whether this is the industry for you, and if so, progress you through the application process. Reach out today to start the process, or to gain an understanding on how recruitment agencies do work and how you can benefit from them.

If you’re a company looking to hire recruitment specialists, reach out today to discuss our processes and terms.


Amanda Wright | Tue 29th Oct 2019


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