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5 Reasons why you should become a Recruitment Consultant

Recruitment has been a very popular career choice for under graduates who can showcase the social and intellectual skills they have gained whilst attending University. There are many reasons behind this, and today we list the five most popular reasons to become a Recruitment Consultant: 

Number 1: You can change someone’s life
There aren’t many more life changing moments than getting that career position you have always wanted. Your financial situation might improve, you’ve reached your life-long ambition by getting that job. Imagine, that you as a recruitment consultant can be a part of this process. It is one of the biggest pro’s of starting a recruitment career. 

Number 2: You can change a company’s direction
Recruitment is a massive factor in the success rate of a company. Often, becoming a recruitment consultant is underappreciated by outsiders. In sports, recruitment is what can make or break a team. It is the same in any other sector, as one hire can have an unforeseen impact that could turn a SME into a household name. Granted, it does not always work like that but with some talent-spotting skills, you can have a bigger impact than you thought. 

Number 3: It’s competitive and rewarding
For those of you who have a bit of a competitive streak in them, becoming a recruitment consultant could be the career choice for you. Successful recruiters often thrive off external motivations, like beating the colleague who has been getting the most placements in the last month. Often, that extra bit of motivation can make your job just that little bit easier. 

Number 4: Salary and opportunities. 
A Recruitment Career is not only emotionally rewarding through beating your competition but also financially rewarding, as there are big bonuses and salaries to be earned throughout your career . For the ambitious people under us, recruitment consultant progression opportunities are there in abundance. You can become a senior consultant, a specialist recruiter in a specific field, or a manager for a bigger company. The options to progress tend to be a lot higher in a recruitment career than in any other sector. 

Number 5: The social aspects. 
Did we mention the fact that you get to meet a lot of people? You might have to speak to many different people throughout the day if you choose to go for a recruitment career. If you enjoy being social, you will enjoy becoming a recruitment consultant. 
If you are considering a career in recruitment or for more information about roles we have available contact our team on 0151 427 9843.

Amanda Wright | Fri 16th Feb 2018


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