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Jobs in Recruitment Liverpool


What is recruitment?

In a city as diverse and busy as Liverpool new businesses are being started every day and roles requiring candidates with specific skills are being created weekly. In order for people to fill these roles a lot of businesses turn to recruitment consultants as the go-to place to find such skilled workers. Recruitment is essentially a form of sales. The 'product' being sold is effectively people and their skills. A role as a recruitment consultant would involve recruiting strong candidates to be placed in their ideal job role with clients and companies that a consultant would have built up a positive working relationship with. Jobs in recruitment are fast paced and rewarding, successful recruitment consultants are hardworking, great under pressure and able to manage their own work load. Aside from having a strong sales background, someone that works in recruitment also needs to be able to develop and maintain relationships with clients so that they are able to place the best possible candidates in their business. It is essential that the recruitment consultant has a sound understanding of the businesses they are recruiting for so that they can locate a suitable candidate for the role. It is also required that a consultant has an understanding of, and the ability to use, a wide range of media outlets. Not only does a recruitment consultant need to identify a job specification for the jobs they are looking to fill but they need to be able to advertise the role in a variety of ways. In the current ever changing world of media it is required that someone with a job in recruitment can utilise the full range of media portals at their disposal to recruit the ideal candidate for the role. It is crucial to locate job seekers as well as identify businesses with a role to be filled. For this reason a recruiter must have a wide range of social skills to encourage people to want to use them as the person to go to for their new role.

Why a career in recruitment?

Jobs in recruitment are extremely rewarding. Firstly, the way you are paid is extremely beneficial if you are willing to work hard. A lot of jobs in recruitment offer a basic salary with additional benefits such as: commission, company car and paid lunches. Secondly, a career in recruitment is fast paced with no two days the same. You are responsible for your own clients, your own candidates and ultimately your own work load. A job in recruitment can offer other benefits such as the overwhelming feeling you get when you have placed a candidate in their ideal job role. Feeling you have successfully helped someone to achieve their career potential is a feeling like no other. The positives of a job in recruitment are literally endless.

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