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Jobs in Recruitment Leeds


What is recruitment?

Recruitment is a fast paced environment involving experienced sales people placing job searchers in their ideal role. Working in a major city such as Leeds means a whole variety of businesses are searching for a really dynamic work force with a range of skills. A job in recruitment requires people from sales backgrounds to work hard to develop positive relationships with businesses to encourage them to turn to the recruitment consultant to help them find a candidate to fill the role within their company. Recruitment is an ever changing environment and people working in the sector need to have excellent communication skills to ensure they are able to create opportunities for the consultancy they are working for. In addition to developing relationships with business clients, a job in recruitment also requires the ability to find and recruit people with a wide range of skills. If a consultant has a range of candidates searching for a job they become attractive to businesses as they know they can rely on them to source outstanding candidates for their business. An ability to use a range of media outlets is also essential for a successful recruitment consultant as it is imperative to be able to advertise job roles as they become available to ensure a wide range of candidates can see the role.

Why a career in recruitment?

A career in recruitment can be extremely lucrative if a consultant has the desired skills and is willing to work hard to use these skills daily. Most recruitment consultancies offer a basic salary with uncapped commission on top of this. Your earnings are directly related to how successful you are and how hard you work. Most employers offer other incentives too such as company cars, gym membership and paid working lunches. The recruitment sector is a rewarding one to be involved in, as you develop your own relationships with clients so too do you share in their joy at finding the best possible candidate for a role in their business. The feeling of placing a candidate in their ideal role is a truly rewarding experience. Other benefits include no two days being the same, managing your own work load and developing your own leads creating new opportunities for the job searching candidates you are trying to help. In addition to these benefits, you are also given the opportunity to be able to lead the recruitment drive at local and national events promoting your consultancy at job fairs. This means you are able to experience a truly diverse working day.

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