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Rec 2 Rec Singapore


Amanda Wright Recruitment is a specialist Rec 2 Rec recruitment agency based in the United Kingdom. We place hundreds of applicants into Rec 2 Rec roles each month, and we also cater to the international market. This includes placing consultants into Rec 2 Rec roles in Singapore and throughout Asia. You can find out how we can help you now by contacting us today on 0151 427 9843.

Why choose Singapore?

Singapore is a small country by any standard. For such a small country, Singapore is surprisingly vibrant. It's the 39th biggest economy in the World, with a GDP of $81,300. Singapore is the 3rd richest country in the world. This means Singapore offers excellent prospects for recruitment consultants looking to make the move.

Before you make the move to Singapore, Amanda Wright Recruitment will advise you on the logistics of moving. This includes advice on making a visa application, the cost of living and recommended neighbourhoods in Singapore that are pleasant yet affordable. The company who ‘sponsors’ your visa is typically your ultimate employer. This company will also offer you thorough guidance on making the move to Singapore.

Helping you make the move to Singapore

Many people considering the move to Singapore will unduly worry about finding a job, moving property across the world and lodging visa documents. This worry may put many good applicants off from considering taking up a Rec 2 Rec role in Singapore or elsewhere overseas. To avoid these concerns, contact Amanda Right Recruitment today on 0151 427 9843. We advise you on all matters related to your move to Singapore. This will substantially speed up and simplify your search for a Rec 2 Rec role in Singapore.

We also assist you in crystallising what you actually seek from a role in Singapore. This helps us to refine your job search. This also helps us to avoid placing you into a Rec 2 Rec role in Singapore where you are unlikely to succeed or enjoy.

An unrivalled database of Singapore recruiters

Amanda Wright Recruitment maintains an extensive database of recruitment companies in Singapore that are likely to value your skills. Many of these companies seek British consultants who have a native command of the English language. Many of these companies will highly value your skills, be willing to invest in your career and help out when it comes to relocation costs.

Although Singapore is different to the United Kingdom in many respects, it also shares many similarities. This is particularly true when it comes to the work ethic. Furthermore, Singapore was part of the British Commonwealth, and it was until 1963 that this country gained full independence from British rule. This means Singapore shares many similarities with the United Kingdom, and this will ease your settling down period when you make the big move.

Areas of Recruitment in Singapore

A non-exhaustive list of the areas where past candidates have been placed in Singapore include:

Get in touch today

Amanda Wright’s international Rec 2 Rec service caters for talent across all levels of seniority, from graduate recruitment roles to recruitment consultants and executive roles. Contact Amanda Wright Recruitment today to ensure your move to Singapore is the perfect one. We can be contacted on 0151 427 9843.

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