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Jobs in Recruitment


Are you looking for jobs in recruitment? Are you an established recruitment professional? At Amanda Wright Recruitment we are here to help. We are known as a recruitment to recruitment agency which means we specialise in assisting recruitment professionals in to roles throughout the United Kingdom.

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Do I need a degree to get a job in recruitment?

Whilst it is advantageous to have a degree, it is not an essential requirement. To get a job in recruitment, you will need to be highly driven and hardworking, there is certainly no requirement for you to obtain a degree that's directly related to recruiting.

do you need a degree to get a job in recruitment

Some employers will require applicants to have obtained a 2:1 or higher in a degree, but this is not the case with all employers. If you are an established recruiter looking for jobs in recruitment, completing a professional course such as the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD) will probably be more effective than a degree at helping your application standout above other applicants in the competitive job market.

This is not to say that a degree won't help, because it most certainly will help your application gain at least some initial attention from prospective employers.

Many employers offering jobs in recruitment are known to value degrees gained in the following disciplines:

If you wish to obtain in a job in recruitment that relates to a specific industry, it may also be beneficial to gain a degree in whatever that industry may be. For instance, if you specialise in recruiting scientists, it would undoubtedly help if you yourself have obtained a science-related degree.

Many excellent recruitment consultants began their careers without going to university. Alternative ways to begin jobs recruitment is to complete an apprenticeship.

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What specific skills will I need to get jobs in recruitment?

what skills are required to get a job in recruitment

Whilst there exists no 'definite' list of skills you must possess to obtain jobs in recruitment, it will definitely help if you are able to demonstrate at least some of the below skills:

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What's the best route to gaining experience before I obtain jobs in recruitment?

Perhaps the quickest way to get some experience is to accept unpaid work experience. During this time, you will be given the opportunity to demonstrate that you possess the skills we listed above. Doing so could mean you are able to convert unpaid work into a paid job in recruitment.

It may also be beneficial to accept paid or unpaid work in an industry that's similar to the recruitment field. This includes office work, marketing, PR, sales and administrative roles. All of these roles will help you to develop skills that are valued when you do start to obtain jobs in recruitment.

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How can I obtain graduate jobs in recruitment?

Getting a job after you graduate

Another common means to land jobs in recruitment is to apply for an official graduate scheme. Many blue chip companies and national recruitment agencies allow you to apply for jobs in recruitment via their website. In order to apply for graduate jobs in recruitment, you will obviously need to have completed or be close to completing a degree course from a recognised UK university.

Before you complete your degree, it is well worth completing work experience with a local recruitment agency. This experience will help you stand out from other applicants when you do come to making your formal application with a blue chip company or one of the bigger and nationally known recruitment agencies.

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Do I need to join a professional body?

Whilst joining a professional body is not a legal requirement in order to obtain jobs in recruitment, it is probably advisable, given the vast majority of recruitment consultants will go down this route. Joining a professional body will allow you to develop your professional network and allow you to invest in Continued Professional Development (CPD).

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