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Boardroom & Executive Client Services


If you are looking to recruit a HR professional at boardroom level, you may be very close to finding the perfect applicant. The recruitment process is a vital one for growth; getting the decision right is vital for avoiding stagnation and achieving your goals.

You may be seeking a HR professional or other recruitment specialist with relevant and proven boardroom experience for your recruitment agency or your non-recruitment based business where recruitment is still key.

Here at Amanda Wright Recruitment we’ve been recruiting HR and recruitment professionals at boardroom level for over fifteen years. We understand you may wish to go about the selection process in an anonymous fashion. We are accustomed to planning and executing executive recruitment campaigns to attract quality applicants without the competitive business world’s knowledge of your immediate plans or potential change in corporate direction.

Amanda Wright places HR and other recruitment professionals into an array of high level positions all the way up to MD level. Our approach to 'rec2rec' executive recruitment typically involves a more thorough process than recruitment for other roles. Salaries tend to be in excess of £75,000 per annum and the level of work to snag the correct candidate requires much skill and persistence. An exceptional executive typically understands the value that they bring to the table and are very likely content in their current role.

Knowing where to fish for high calibre candidates is often the easy part. It takes experience and industry knowledge to successfully approach and attract a high quality boardroom candidate into an equivalent role with an often competing organisation. Amanda Wright Recruitment has already established many relationships with such individuals. Our approach will, more often than not, be a warm or semi-warm approach. Our established relationships with valuable candidates with relevant boardroom background lessons the burden on our clients. The recruitment business is all about relationships, and the ability to leverage these relationships to one's advantage. This allows us to shortlist credible candidates swiftly, so you can be assured change within your organisation can be effected without unnecessary delay.

Our initial approach to the executive recruitment process is very much a fact finding one. We get to know you, your organisation and above all your underlying values. Our approach is uniquely tailored to suit your specific needs. Our approach ensures we pursue a plan of action that will result in the shortlisting of credible candidates who will fit in and thrive in their new executive role within your organisation.

Our approach targets our vast database of executive candidates already in the HR and recruitment arena. We can also call upon our network of partners who can refer undiscovered candidates or candidates who are hard to access by traditional means.

If we are required to cast the net higher, we have at our disposal an array of techniques specifically designed to attract the calibre of candidates. These patented techniques we have developed in-house over many years which keeps clients such as yourself firmly on our books. Our repeat business statistics prove this alone!

Once we have successfully identified suitable candidates for the role in question, we undertake several formal interviews and employ multiple assessment techniques to ensure the most suitable applicants are put forward for your consideration. We understand that the pool of executive candidates is of a finite quantity and we shall approach the task of shortlisting with extreme delicacy.

If you would like to learn more about our executive HR and recruitment boardroom services, we can be contacted on 07921694562.

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